It's Fridaynight in Chicago Roosemont Theatre. Empower Network has his convention With more them 5000 people.

Then they ask all people who earned more than 10000 dollar On stage. Jesse directly went there together with a few hundred and was standing next to David Wood. Later he was asked to come in front of The audiance to tell his story. His Dad helped him, but Jesse is The one who is blogging and als finding On Facebook people to recruit. 2 hours à day. Next to his homework. And believe me, hè is doing it! Watch The video hereunder.

And school! Directly when Jesse wanted to start this, his parents told him he only could do it With good school results. Guess what. School results went up. He has more energy and is focused on results. Not laying in his bed playing games for hours à day. Instead he is sitting in his fathers office. Homework and blogging!

Amazing. And he loves everything. Already when he was 9 hè wanted to go to seminars of Tony Robbins and Harve Eker. Now he has no fear to develop himself more and more!

Today another day in Chicago! I don't know whats happening but people all wanted to Be On The picture With Jesse last night. He now understands the live of Justin Bieber he said. 

Talk to you later. 

You can Find Jesse his blogs On 

Watch The video in Chicago!

© 2019 Pieter Monsma

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