By: Pieter Monsma. Passieboer (Passionfarmer) as a trainer, speaker and organiser.

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This you want to read NOW! Because you will like it for yourself! This is not about us. It's about changing other peoples live!

Thanks to my son Jesse, I start to be enthusiastic myself, working with Empower Network. Jesse had his first 'one to one' with a friend from school. I was blown away how fast these kids understand the marketing plan and potential. And also the wise questions this kid had. I had to laugh to see how good Jesse could explain the formula.

On the question of his friend, what is affiliate marketing, Jesse gave the intellectual answer that this is a "online sales business". That there are products to be sold who give people value for money. And you make commissions. And his friend understands and wanted to learn directly more. Next question was how to make money. and how to make a plan. I tell you. This concept will blow you away. And it's for everyone who want to make some extra money and want to learn. Working from home.

I realize Empower Network can be for me a second T. Harv Eker event which I organized on 1-3 April 2011 in teh RAI Amsterdam. I introduced 2500 people into a room and T. Harv Eker sold his valuable products (trainings). I got a small percentage for getting the people in the room, plus I learned so much from his trainings and the organization. Empower Network can do the same for me, as it can do for thousands of people.

Now You and I can do it online. International, and earn 100% of the commissions of the products! We are not only offering to buy fantastic products to your personal growth and a website to create more business for your own business. No, we directly offer people to make instant money by creating traffic to our own website of Empower Network. And who will sell the product? Not you. No that will be David Wood and David Sharpe. And they know how to sell (like T. Harv Eker)! The best principle concept I have ever seen for anyone and affiliates.

That's also why so many people make so fast so much money in the States. And here? Last week our own passive income with our website JesseJones, has grown from $ 1150,- to $ 2125,- per month!!! And we are only in our learning period. It's now that I can imagine the huge potential of this almost secret in the online market. Whoever I contact, nobody here in Holland has heard about it.

Today I have followed the first training videos (while I was sporting). The most fascinating I have heard and discovered is why this all is so smart. People can use the product from Dave & Dave for their own business same as they use it as an affiliate for Empower Network. Most of all users of the blogging website on the huge platform of Empower Network use it to promote their own conventional business, sell their products or promote their MLM business or their online webshops. It's an extra tool to promote your business!

And yes. You can make your own business with this! Together with the great valuable products Dave & Dave are offering. The most inspiring trainings of world’s best trainers. Available daily. Even the son of T. Harv Eker, mister JESSE EKER works full time this opportunity. I love to see my son Jesse and Jesse Eker next time sitting together on an event.

You can buy the WEBSITE for $ 25,- per month and start blogging instantly.
Do you want to earn 100% commissions just BECOME AN AFFILIATE for $ 19,95 per month. You directly qualify for all commissions! And do you want to get the best TRAININGS how to make money online, you can buy the other products by upgrading. Dave $ Dave will tell you how to do this in the first 8 video's.

START NOW! there is no risk. Start with $ 25,- to get access to the first 8 trainings and see if this suites you well. CLICK ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS WEBPAGE (sign up here). There you find the inscription form. You instantly get your own website and you can start blogging! At all moment you can stop your payments. No obligations. Ensure you are sponsored by the team of JesseJones. Part of Team Massive Action.

I wish you a fantastic new challenge and a lot of passive income and FUN. For questions on this blog please give us a call. 0031 (0) 653107212 or an email on

Regards, Jesse & Pieter

© 2019 Pieter Monsma

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